1. A Traveler’s Ultimate Guide to Host Family Gifts

Welcome to the first Traveler’s Ultimate Guide post: first stop, host family gifts! Even though the holiday season has come and gone here in the States, I figured it would still be appropriate to compose a post of possible gifts that can be given to host families by people travelling both domestically and abroad. Prior … More 1. A Traveler’s Ultimate Guide to Host Family Gifts

Finalist Notification

Originally posted on The Truth By Ruth:
Wait what? Let’s throw it back to AUGUST 2014. I decided to apply to CBYX, YES Abroad, and NSLI-Y (as previously mentioned). From the beginning of my application, I felt something special towards YES. I can’t explain why, but there isn’t always an explanation for things. I was…

Senior Year, NSLI-Y, and New Turkey Update!

Hi all! Long time no update! It’s crazy how fast time has passed since I last updated this blog. Since then, I have been catching up on college applications (I still cannot believe its senior year even though I’m nearly halfway finished), keeping up with my studies as an IB student (the pluralization of ‘studies’ … More Senior Year, NSLI-Y, and New Turkey Update!

Week One in Bursa

Hello All! I apologize for not having updated my blog recently as I have had to catch up with my summer assignments and college applications. I will try my best though to put up a post for every week I spent in Turkey (meaning six more posts) and some other random posts here or there. … More Week One in Bursa